Student Journeys

Find out what it’s really like to study Education Studies from our current students and graduates! Scroll down to hear from both single and joint honours students, some of our international students, from graduate Emily and from Laura, currently volunteering as an Education mentor with refugees and asylum seekers.

Elly-May (joint honours Education Studies and English) discusses why Education Studies has been the ideal course to study in the pandemic and how we explore the different ways in which someone’s background can affect their education, including disability and ethnic background.

Education is much more than what happens in a classroom! Daisy (joint honours Education Studies and Psychology) explains her desire to support children with emotions and mental health and why Education Studies has been the right course for her.

Drew performs his spoken word poem about Education Studies and shows that you can ‘tailor your learning experience to what future you wants to do.’

Abbie tells us what doing a degree in Education Studies has been like for her and how it has broadened her interests and ignited her passion for Education. She also tells us what it is like being a student at Worcester.

Laura, one of our first year students, talks about becoming a volunteer Education Mentor for refugees and asylum seekers with a local charity.

Simon and Michelle from the USA talk about their experience of Education Studies

Aneta shares her experience of Education Studies and what it is like for her as an international student.

Emily, one of our graduates, talks about her experiences since finishing Education Studies. She has done some interesting jobs in Education since then!